Cobalt 44 Inch 4000W Smart Heater (Electric)


Cobalt Smart heat Electric is a simplified, durable, high output durable heater that is engineered to provide reliable, comfortable and even heat. Featuring a translucent, ultra-durable quartz element that houses a thick steel coil to emit a soft red glow heating up to 130ft2. This smart heat series is an essential component to any patio space.

• Parabolic Specular Reflector that directs lost infrared energy back to the target
• Stainless Steel Ultra durable design
• Precise Directional heating
• Wireless control compatibility
• Heats up to 130 ft2
• 12-month warrantee

Width/Diameter (in): 44.00"
Height: 3.50"
Depth/Extension: 8.50"
Weight: 19.80 lbs.
Fuel Source: Electric
Voltage Rating: 240V
Material: Stainless Steel

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Black, White

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