Individually Wrapped 3-Ply Face Masks


Each mask is individually wrapped for protection, suitable for guests and customers.
17.5cm × 9.5cm
One size fits all with high elastic ear strap
Minimum order 2,000. (Larger bulk quantities available)
Ground shipping included
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Quantity Price
2,000 - 2,499 $0.29
2,500 - 4,999 $0.28
5,000 - 7,499 $0.27
7,500 - 9,999 $0.26
10,000+ $0.24


  • Individually Wrapped
  • 17.5cm × 9.5cm
  • One size fits all with high elastic ear strap


  • GB/T32610-2016 (non-medical)

Structure Description

  • Assembly with mask body, nose clip, elastic ear strap
  • Major raw materials for mask body are melted from non-woven fabric and melt- blown cloth -- 3 layers


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing.
  2. Hold and gently pull the upper and lower sides of the mask to open it.
  3. With the adjustable nose clip facing upwards, hold the mask against your face and fit the straps around your ears.
  4. Gently press the adjustable nose clip to fit the shape of the nose so it fits snugly.
  5. Open the folds downwards until the mask completely covers the chin, leaving no gaps between the cheeks or chin.

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3-py Black, 3-py Standard Blue

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