Synmax Vinyl Nitrile Hybrid Medical Exam Gloves – 100 Gloves per box



Revolutionary new formula of vinyl-based hybrid material, containing nitrile, uses properties with elastic and strong “bones” of gloves. They offer enhanced tactile sensitivity and a practical barrier of protection for a wide range of applications. They are also a good alternative for those suffering from Type I allergies.

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DOP, DEHP-free No latex proteins, low allergy potential Comfortable conforming latex-like fit Effective barrier and extra strength
Enhanced tactile sensitivity
Economical protection
Resistance to acid, alkali and oil
100 gloves per box
Complies with EN 455 and EN 374
Complies with ASTM D5250 (USA Related
Tensile Strength: 18MPa
Palm Thickness: 0.08 mm minimum
Finger thickness: 0.09 mm minimum (3.5-4 mil) , Weight: 5.0 gm (size medium)
Length: 230 mm minimum

Extra Large, Large

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