Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable (Gas)


Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable combines modern art with effective industry leading technology. Ensuring A reliable start and effective operations of winds to 8mph, the Smart heat series encompasses a superior high-performance mesh screen that scientifically manipulates infrared heat up to 215 ft2. Creating comfort over an area up to 3 times the size of a traditional portable heater, while fueled by the same gas cylinder, this award winning heater utilizes directional heating to evenly, efficiently and effectively provide versatile heating solutions for any outdoor settings.

• Unparalleled wind resistance to up to 8mph
• Heats up 38500 BTU to 215 ft2
• Multi-award Winning.
• Modular design to offer easy assembly, disassembly and storage
• Anti-tilt structure with built in wheels and directional control
• 12-month warrantee

Width/Diameter (in): 18.00"
Height: 85"
Depth/Extension: 27"
Burner Dimension: 180
Weight: 123.50 lbs.
Fuel Source: Gas
Material: Stainless Steel
Safety System/Safety Control: Flame Failure & Anti-Tilt Safety Device

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